Medieval Italian Rogaining

22-23 APRIL 2017



Bulletin n° 1 (English) PDF

BULLETIN 1 15.07.2016

14th European Rogaining Championship

April 22-23, 2017

San Gimignano, Italy

Libertas Atletica Valdelsa

International Rogaining Federation

IKP Prato


Bulletin 1



All rogainers are cordially welcome to participate the 14th European Rogaining Championships in

San Gimignano – Tuscany – ITALY.



The rules of the International Rogaining Federation are followed in the competition.

The championships are held in 24-hour competition format. Also will be organized promotion rogaining event in 6 hour competition format.

By registering to the ERC 2017, you agree the IRF rules.


Event Centre

The event centre is located in San Gimignano City, in the core of Tuscany Region.



A competition team consists of 2 to 5 members. A team which has a member who is under 18 years of age, shall also have a member who is over 18 years of age. All participants under 18 years need to have a written permission (from their legal guardian) for taking part on the competition.

Competition categories

In the ERC 2017 there are several competition categories:

  • MO Men open                                                  
  • WO Women open
  • XO Mixed open
  • MY Men Youth, at least 14, but under 23 years of age (born after 22.4.1994)
  • WY Women Youth, at least 14, but under 23 years of age (born after 22.4.1994)
  • XY Mixed Youth, at least 14, but under 23 years of age (born after 22.4.1994)
  • MV Men Veteran, at least 40 years of age (born before 22.4.1977)
  • WV Women Veteran, at least 40 years of age (born before 22.4.1977)
  • XV Mixed Veteran, at least 40 years of age (born before 22.4.1977)
  • MSV Men Super veteran, at least 55 years of age (born before 22.4.1962)
  • WSV Women Super veteran, at least 55 years of age (born before 22.4.1962)
  • XSV Mixed Super veteran, at least 55 years of age (born before 22.4.1962)
  • MUV Men Ultra veteran, at least 65 years of age (born before 22.4.1952)
  • WUV Women Ultra veteran, at least 65 years of age (born before 22.4.1952)
  • XUV Mixed Ultra veteran, at least 65 years of age (born before 22.4.1952)

The teams compete in every category for which they are eligible, i.e. youth, veterans, super veterans and ultra veterans compete in open category too.



Registration for all rogainers starts on 01.08.2016 00.00 Italian time (GMT +1.00) The registration is at:

ERC 24h:

OPEN 6h:

Participation will be confirmed after the payment is cleared to the organizers. The maximum number of participants is 1000. If there are more applicants, the excess teams are placed on a waiting list in the order the registrations are made.


Entry fees

The entry fee for a team is the sum of individual fees of the team members.

Format Paid by 30.11.2016 Paid by 31.12.2016 Paid after 31.12.2016
24h 50 60 80
6h 30 35 40

In the fee is included de temporary license that covers you in case you have an accident during the event.

It is compulsory to fill a disclaimer document which must give to organizers in the race office at the event centre.


Cancellation policy

In case of a cancellation, the organizers refund the team as follows:

The cancellation done by 31.12.2016, 70 % is refunded. The cancellation done by 28.2.2017, 40 % is refunded. The cancellation done after 1.4.2017, no refund will be made.

A team can change its members using the ERC2017 e-mail service free of charge until 31.3.2017. Any other change, after given date, or change requiring manual labor, costs 5 euro, and must be paid in cash at the event centre before the competition material is handed to team.

Event map

The map uses orienteering symbols. Its scale will be 1:25.000 with a contour interval of 10 meters. The map will be printed on an extra size format, close to 80 x 50 cms, and is specifically made for the ERC2017. Each team member receives his/her own map.

One extra map will be provided each team in order to draw his rogaine's strategy choice.


Four dedicated training maps are also printed, as a model event maps. The training map will be in use since 31.12.2016 until 20.4.2017. There will be training controls on the maps which are available from 01.4.2017 to 20.4.2016 with only control flags.

Moreover, they will be other two ortophotomaps (ortophoto and or slope shading with contours and paths but without field work), to get a bigger area to train in a similar terrain.

Both will be for free downloading in pdf format in a A3 as a maximum size.

GPS tracking

We are working to offer you GPS tracking. For this purpose will be selected some teams and who is not selected can locate a transceiver for a minimum price.

More information in next bulletins and Facebook.

Existing maps

One existing map used in past years

 6h rogaines

( 2012-2015)

are available for free in the website


Forbidden area

Competition area is forbidden to be used in anyway. The embargoed area is in the official website

Preliminary competition timetable

Thursday, 20.04.2017

18.00 Event centre opens.

Friday, 21.04.2017

12.00 Race Office opens - registration

22.00 Race Office closes

Saturday, 22.04.2017

6.00 Race Office opens

9.00 Distribution of maps

12.00 Start of the ERC, 24h rogaine.

13.00 Start of the competition of 6h rogaine.

19.00 Finish of 6h rogaine.

19.30 After race meal.

20.00 Prize-giving ceremony of 6h rogaine.

Sunday, 23.04.2017

12.00 Finish of the ERC, 24h rogaine

12.30 After Race Meal

14.00 Prize-giving ceremony of 24h rogaine.

Monday, 24.04.2017

14.00 Event centre closes

Transport and Accommodation info

Transport: The Event centre can be reached by car (own, rental) from Pisa or Florence international airports (low cost companies also provide services to and from the airports mentioned). Both Florence (61 km) and Pisa (85 km) are located within a driving distance from San Gimignano hosting town of the event.

Participants can arrive also to Rome Airport and with rental car they can drive to Florence. The driving distance from Rome is 267 Km and it takes less than 3 h by motorway.

For the convenience of competitors and accompanying friends and/or family a shuttle bus service will be available connecting San Gimignano city to the event centre.

Timetables and pre-booking options will also be available on the 14th ERC2017 website and bulletins. Specific car, bus, bicycle, motorcycle and caravan parking areas will be designated at the Event centre.

Accommodation: local tourism information bureau offers a wide range of different level holiday options. (Hostels, rural apartments, farmhouses, rural stays, hotels and camping sites)

Different tourism related agencies are established around the Tuscany County – competition area:

ü  Pro Loco San Gimignano. (

Local camping sites will be provided directly at the Event centre. Information about accommodation options will be available on the 14th ERC2017 website and next bulletins.


Compulsory equipment

List of the compulsory equipment will be published in the Bulletin 3 (after 31.12.2016). Compulsory equipment must be with the participant during the whole race. Rogainers are not allowed to leave the compulsory equipment in a backpack and then leave the pack for example 100 meters behind while visiting control. Compulsory equipment checks can be performed at any time, before the race, during the race or right after finishing the race. Missing compulsory equipment is penalized as in the rules. During the race the time spent on checking the equipment is counted as race time and there is no compensation on time lost. Keep the compulsory equipment easily accessible.


Additional information

Further information will be added on the website.

Bulletin 2

It will be published at 30.09.2016

Welcome to Tuscany Country, an amazing experience.


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